A unique product inspired by the French refinement and splendor as well as the aspiration to the beauty and grace

MONART PARFUMS is an alliance of two enthusiasts united by a passion for painting and perfumery reputed for its unique luxury products.

Our ambition is to share our secret of creation the luxury perfumery in connection with the pictorial art. This art, you will be in touch with it while taking our perfumes into your hands.
our perfumes inspire you by beauty and arouse the aesthetic sensitivity
MONART PARFUMS derives its inspiration from the collaboration with the perfume creators, designers, artists
Passion for art and Perfumery
Serenity and tranquility on Simone Campos paintings
Born on August 27, 1965 in Curitiba, Brazil, Simone Сampos, since childhood visited the large atelier of her relatives where her grandmother and her aunt painted .
After school she chose to move to Italy, where in Firenze, attended the Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, as well as conducted studies in the Instituto per L’Arte e Il Restoration at Palazzo Spinelli.
In France, in 2009, she was invited to participate in the Salon de La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Louvre as well as she received tribute from the "Academie des Arts, Sciences et Lettres" in Paris. In Italy, in 2014, she was awarded in the Biennale Internazionale d'Arte di Roma.
Tame any aggressive detail that may exist in a landscape seems to be the main target of the painting of Simone Campos. She gets this goal through their cozy colors, always in soft shades, creating a misty environment with serenity and tranquility that goes beyond the paintings.
In 1999, Juan Carlos decides to set up his own Design Agency — Dôme
His motto: "Creation is not an isolated act, it is always part of a logic that appeals to the sensitivity of the creative, his interpretation of the world and his memory."
There he develops projects on concepts, product ambiances and new creative lines for the Couture houses and Companies' Brands as Dolce & Gabana, Tiffany, Valentino and Lagerfeld and many others.
Convinced of the potential of Juan Carlos, Pierre Dinand gives him more and more autonomy. When Pierre Dinand leaves Atelliers Dinand, Juan Carlos accepts to take on the management of the Creative Department.
In 1990 in Paris, Juan Carlos met Pierre Dinand. They began to work together.
When Juan Carlos turns 13 his family leaves the North of France for Normandy. At 17 years he begins to work in one of the Bresle glass companies. It is here that he discovers the production of perfume bottles.
Very young, Juan Carlos Rustarazo discovers the luminosity and the power of crystal glass. He becomes rapidly fascinated with the making of this material when his father, a glass-master, and his uncle, a glass-cutter, introduce him to this magic world.
Juan Carlos was born in France but his Spanish origins strongly influenced his future personal formation. His belonging to French and Spanish cultures has fostered his open-mindedness and helped him to become a deeply tolerant person.
Juan Carlos Rustarazo —Passion for art and Perfumery
On return to Brazil, she devoted herself to the restoration of the Church of São Francisco-do-Sul.